Milos “the last bohem” Teodosic hosts a farewell party for his teammates

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Aris Barkas

09/Aug/22 20:43

Serbian national team captain Milos Teodosic said goodbye to his teammates after being cut with a party

By Eurohoops team/

Milos Teodosic is one of a kind and that was proven once more. The reports about him being cut by the Serbian national team by coach Svetislav Pesic are not officially confirmed yet by the federation.

However, he proved confirmation himself, by organizing a farewell party for his teammates on Monday night. It’s the end of an era and Mozzarsport provided an exclusive video from Milos’ goodbye.

The decision of Pesic surprised everyone. Still, 35-year-old Milos Teodosic had to accept it and he finished his presence as the captain of the Serbian national team, which included three silver medals in a Eurobasket (2009), a FIBA World Cup (2014), and the Olympic Games (2016) with a party.

His teammates returned the favor with a fitting song, which is presented in the video.

The lyrics are the following:

One day many will regret it
that I’m gone
A song and a memory will remain
On the last bohem

It’s a totally fitting song but on this occasion, his teammates changed the last line, singing to him: “On Teo the captain”.