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Nick Galis versus Drazen Petrovic and Michael Jordan

02 Apr 2017 2017-04-02T21:12:22+00:00.

Aris Barkas

- 02 Apr 2017


While Nick Galis is a household name in European basketball, his not really known in the States. However, his legacy is extremely important for European basketball lore and his duel with a young Drazen Petrovic in the semifinal of Eurobasket 1987, which eventually was won by Greece, is stuff of legend.

In that Game Greece prevailed 81-77 and went on to beat USSR in the final. Galis scored 30 points while Petrovic had 22. Greece had beaten twice Yugoslavia in the same tournament, as Galis scored 44 points and Drazen 18 and the game between them during the first round.

Here’s also footage from two exhibition games dating back to 1983, when Nick Galis and the Greek national team faced in Thessaloniki and in Athens the North Carolina Tar Heels including Michael Jordan.