Mark Cuban: Luka Doncic could surpass Dirk Nowitzki as greatest Mav ever

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Antigoni Zachari

18/Apr/20 11:39

The future of Doncic is bright and Mark Cuban claims he can surpass Dirk Nowitzki as the greatest Mav ever.

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Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban believes that Luka Doncic could one day surpass Dirk Nowitzki as the greatest Mav player of all time, as he admitted in a recent interview with FanSided.

“Could he [surpass Dirk]? Yeah, because I think the game has changed enough, it’s more wide-open today than it was when Dirk first got to the league. So he’s got that advantage, but he could win MVPs, he could win a championship. I hope so, and I know Dirk would hope so too. They’re good friends too, so I think they support each other either way”, the Mavs owner mentioned.

Nowitzki and Doncic spent just one season playing together, prior to the German great retired from action, which makes Cuban wonder what would happen if both played together in their prime.

“Oh my God. We only got to see little glimpses when Dirk was at the end, which, could you imagine if they were both in their prime? Oh my goodness. That’s MJ and Scottie again.”

Doncic has been having a sensational course in the NBA aged 21, and Cuban admits he didn’t expect him to have such an impact so soon, which adds up to his previous claim.

“We knew he was good, that’s why we made the deal obviously,” Cuban mentioned. “You don’t give up a lottery pick in a future draft unless you’re really confident he’s going to be good. But we didn’t know he would be this good this fast. We thought that there would be a little bit more of a curve for him to get up to speed and to become All-Star caliber.”