Fournier: We don’t want to put our lives in danger just to say we’re going to take back some money

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Antonis Stroggylakis

04/May/20 10:15

Evan Fournier all but thinks that resuming the season is pointless.

By Eurohoops Team /

The longer it takes for any decision to be made regarding the resumption of the NBA season, the less sense it makes for Evan Fournier to begin the games again.

In an interview for Le Parissien, Fournier repeated his belief that finds it difficult to see how the season will restart due to the many and different complexities involved in the matter.

“I have periods where I believe in it and others where I believe less,” Fournier said. “At the moment, I’m in a mode where I don’t believe too much. It seems complicated to set it up. How many games could we play? Are we going straight into the playoffs? We mustn’t forget that some states are still in lockdown and the teams located there won’t be able to begin practices again as we could in a week. There would be a real lack of equity. I think it’d be better to put a stop to the season.

According to a report by ESPN, the NBA will need 15,000 coronavirus tests to start the season once more. It will be just one of the many measures that will be necessary to ensure the safety of players and all personnel involved.

“If it’s a ‘safe’ solution, we will all be hot. But we don’t want to put our lives in danger, to play games that have no interest, just to say that we’re going to take back some money,” Fournier said.

When the season was suspended, Fournier’s Orlando Magic were 30 – 35 and eighth in the Eastern Conference.