Cuban: The way White House protects the president is how I want to protect our players

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Stefan Djordjevic

12/May/20 20:29

Mark Cuban decided to follow the White House protocols when it comes to getting his players back on the court safely

By Eurohoops team/

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban explained what he exactly meant by saying that his team’s facility won’t open until COVID-19 testing is widely available.

“I’ll use the White House protocol,” Cuban told Tim Cato of The Athletic. “The way the White House protects the president and vice president is the way that I want to protect our players and employees, you know? We’ll just try to just copy what they do as a means of knowing when the time is right. As of now, for all we know, for all we’ve been informed, anyways, they’re testing everybody. And they test their top people on a daily basis. And so they have access to the best science, the best information, and so it just makes sense to me that we just copy them.”

He also talked about the importance of returning to sports: “I don’t know. But there’s a bigger collective goal here as well. People need sports, and could you imagine a different league that has an opportunity to come back and if your team, even if you’re in last place, didn’t want to play? That’s not going to be a good situation to be in, whether you’re a fan of that team or anybody in that organization. I think people will play. Guys realize there’s something bigger at stake. And that’s the best way to put it. NBA players are smart. They recognize there’s something bigger at stake than, you know, the aggravation of playing five, six, seven, whatever-it-may-be more regular-season games even if they’re completely out of the playoffs.”

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