Doncic getting back in shape with the help from fellow countrymen

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Stefan Djordjevic

06/Jun/20 12:44

Luka Doncic has been in Slovenia during the pandemic and he has gathered a group of countrymen to help him get back in shape

By Stefan Djordjevic/

The NBA is expected to resume on July 31 in Orlando with the approved 22-team format and that means the players will have to get back in the proper shape to fight for the trophy. Luka Doncic is no exception.

Doncic has been in his native Slovenia during the coronavirus pandemic and as he explained, it was the best decision he could make for multiple reasons including the fact that he has better conditions for training there.

According to 24UR, while the Mavs star isn’t in a proper competitive form, he has been working out with the help of his fellow countrymen to get back to it. And he has gathered quite a group.

One of his best friends in Luka Rupnik keeps him company, training together with him while he’s also been counting on help from the Slovenian chef Domen Demsar who has been working in London for the past five years.

The food is carefully selected, and the quantity is determined according to the caloric calculation for each meal separately

Doncic trains once or twice a day including strength and conditioning training, developing athletic ability, and, of course, the basketball training. Khimki’s conditioning coach Jure Drakslar is in charge of taking care of Luka’s body.

“It’s easier in a couple, Luka and I don’t see each other for a year. He’s in America, I’ve been to Belgium. I know he misses me very much, but then he comes to Ljubljana and keeps calling me so much that i have to turn off my phone. But it’s very interesting,” Rupnik said.

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