Cedi Osman on being coached by his all-time favorite player: Dirk Nowitzki

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Antonis Stroggylakis

22/Jul/20 18:20


Cedi Osman probably got goosebumps when his favorite player ever coached him in the 2019 All-Star weekend.

By Eurohoops team/ info@eurohoops.net

Cleveland Cavaliers swingman Cedi Osman talked about getting coached by his favorite player ever Dirk Nowitzki, his relationship with his teammates as a rookie and raising donations for the victims of an earthquake in Turkey.

Here’s what Osman said in an interview for Cavs.com:

On being coached by Dirk Nowitzki in the 2019 Rising Stars Challenge at All-Star Weekend in Charlotte…

“That’s the best part, because he’s my favorite player.

“Dirk’s my all-time favorite player. Growing up, I watched him a lot — he was my idol. So being coached by him, it’s going to be a really big experience for me.”

… on the Cavaliers’ veterans accepting him right away as a rookie in 2017 …

“They did. I think it’s just because I worked really hard and I was playing hard all the time.

“No matter what, if I got in for one minute or five minutes – especially that first year, minutes were really crucial for me – I played hard. And I think they just took me under their wing because I was really playing hard and I really showed them that I want to be a part of the team and help the team.

“All the veterans we had my first year were great character guys, great people. Whenever I asked about something, they were always ready to help me. They never told me: ‘Go away, I don’t want to talk right now.’

“They were always trying to explain things and teach me. So that’s why I really feel lucky for that first season.

“I just thing was because my energy was matching with everybody. And that’s why I felt like we had like a small brother-big brother relationship.

“I heard so much negative about the rookie year, but it really wasn’t like that for me.“

 after helping donate – (along with teammate, Larry Nance Jr.) – and raise nearly $60,000 for victims of a 6.7 magnitude earthquake in Elazığ, Turkey in late-January …

“I don’t have anybody in that city, but who doesn’t matter, it’s a city in Turkey.

“I was talking to my friends, even if they don’t live over there, I was getting news from them. They really helped me to do this campaign, and a lot of people joined it. I believe we’re going to have a good donation.”