Luka Doncic: “I will never forget the day I met Kobe”

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Aris Barkas

25/Aug/20 14:43

Luka Doncic talked about his meeting with Kobe Bryant, had fun with Shaq and spoke about European fans that made him playoff-ready

By Eurohoops team/

Luka Doncic is now a member of the NBA elite, but his European basketball pedigree remains one of the things that make him stand out.

Asked on “Inside the NBA” by Shaquille O’Neal how the crowds in Europe made him playoff-ready, Doncic admitted that: “There are really tough crowds especially in Turkey, Greece, Serbia. It’s hard to listen to your teammate cause they cheer so loud, so you have to trust your teammate, your coach, you have to go together against everyone and yes, I learned a lot from that”.

And of course, he talked about his short meeting with the late Kobe Bryant: “He was saying to me some bad words in Slovenian and it was great. I would never forget the day I met Kobe. It was one of the guys I was looking up to”. 

Enjoy the full Doncic interview on the show which included a mention to Boban Marjanovic, the Montrez Harrell incident, and more.