NBA hoping to add additional family members beginning with Conference Finals

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05/Sep/20 17:12

NBA made a statement as a response to the Nuggets’ Mike Malone who voiced his ‘frustration’ with the coaches not being able to invite their families to the bubble

By Stefan Djordjevic/

While the NBA bubble has been marked as a success when health and safety are concerned, far from it that everybody in it fully enjoys the time there.

One of the issues has been how the participants will deal with being apart from their families and while the players got permission to bring in theirs, not everybody did – as is the case with the coaches.

Denver’s Mike Malone pointed out that fact recently and the NBA decided to make a statement saying that they are hoping to add additional family members once the playoffs reach the Conference Finals.

“Due to the highly contagious nature of COVID-19, limiting the number of people on campus was always a top priority. We agreed that players could bring in a limited number of family and close relations beginning with the second round of the playoffs. No other team or league staff, including coaches and referees, has guests on campus. We are hoping to add additional family members for other participants beginning with the Conference Finals. We are mindful of the incredible hardship these restrictions impose and wish it were not necessary for the health and safety of everyone involved.”

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