Deck on NBA: One dreams of reaching the top but today I try my best for the team

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Stefan Djordjevic

15/Sep/20 20:47

Gabriel Deck addressed the reports about being on some NBA teams’ radar, saying it doesn’t affect his play for Real Madrid and that it only proves he has been doing things the right way

By Stefan Djordjevic/

Gabriel Deck has been recently reported to be on the radar of some NBA teams and while that stays a possibility, the 25-year-old forward has one more year on his contract with Real Madrid and he intends to give his best for teh ‘Whites’.

“One dreams of reaching the top, but today I try to do my best for the club, we are in an impressive place like Madrid, which has been doing things well for a long time,” Deck said on UcU Web Radio and addressed the rumors of his move to the NBA.

“As you say, those are rumors, many people talk about many things that are not true, but the squad is oblivious to that and is focused on what we have to do day by day. Because of the way I am on the court, I try to do things well in each game, give 100%. Because of my way of doing things, what the rest say does not reach me so much. When a rumor comes out, family and friends are asking, but I clarify where I’m going to be. ”

Deck also sees the rumors as a good thing, showing that he has been doing things good enough: “It would be worse if they didn’t ask about my future. I’m doing things well and people can see a chance for the NBA. It’s good that they wonder.”

As far as Real Madrid and it’s preseason go, the Spanish squad is complete after a while: “I see the team well, in the best way, it is the first time that we can do a complete pre-season with the whole team, we have all started together, we have been working in the best way, in a season that is going to be long and hard, with many games, but I see the team very well, in the best way.”

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