Top 5 European prospects in the 2020 NBA Draft

16/Nov/20 22:08 November 17, 2020


16/Nov/20 22:08

The 2020 NBA Draft will be filled with talent and five Europeans have a shot at getting picked up in the First Round including two lottery picks

By Stefan Djordjevic /

The coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed up the schedules of leagues around the globe and the NBA has been no exception.

One of the compromises the league had to make was to postpone the 2020 Draft for November 18 amidst the short offseason which might force teams to make trades sooner rather than later and it will without a doubt affect the choices at the Draft night.

A lot of European prospects pulled out of this year’s Draft in the 11th hour, however, there will still be a number of them featured and there is a solid chance that as much as five of them get picked up in the First Round. Two are lottery pick material for sure.