The first-year salary projection for Hayes, Avdija, Pokusevski and Bolmaro

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19/Nov/20 09:40

Killian Hayes could see his first-year contract salary rise up to $3,724,300 or more, while Deni Avdija could make $3,724,300 or more

By Antigoni Zachari /

The 2020 virtual NBA draft connected nine Euro-ball prospects in total to the NBA, four of which were actually first-round picks.
As in every NBA Draft, first-round draft picks are given a “scale” value based on which position they are chosen. The first pick has the highest value assigned, the second pick has the second-highest value assigned, and so on.

Bearing in mind that players can sign for as much as 120% and as little as 80% of the rookie scale and in accordance with Real GM’s 2020-2021 NBA Rookie Scale, below are the first-year salary scale for the four Euro-prospects that were selected in the first round.

2001-born former ratiopharm Ulm guard Killian Hayes was selected with the 7th pick by the Detroit Pistons and can see his salary go up to $3,724,300 or more in the first year of his contract.

Maccabi Tel Aviv forward Deni Avdija was selected with the 9th pick by the Washington Wizards, with his expected rookie-season contract income rising up to $3,724,300, or more.

Serbian Olympiacos forward Aleksej Pokusevski was the 17th pick by the Oklahoma City Thunder and could see his first-year salary move up to $2,470,700.

Both Maccabi and Olympiacos are expected to receive hefty buyouts for their players.

FC Barcelona 2000-born rising star Leandro Bolmaro was selected with the 23rd overall pick by the New York Knicks and got traded to the Timberwolves immediately after. While he’s expected to finish the season with the Spanish team, the Argentinian-Italian can make up $1,904,000 in his first-year contract with the Timberwolves.