Aleksej Pokusevski: I want to prove I can be one of the best

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Stefan Djordjevic

08/Apr/21 13:19

Aleksej Pokusevski took a look back at his journey so far, the start of his NBA career, and what awaits him in the future

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Aleksej Pokusevski has been proving he belongs in the NBA with some great performances in his rookie season with the Oklahoma City Thunder and the young Serb is looking to rise to the top, sooner or later.

“I’m determined but I have patience. It doesn’t happen now, doesn’t mean it won’t happen. I’m trying to prove myself by not just playing the best but playing hard. I want to prove I can be one of the best,” he said and sent praise towards the Oklahoma organization.

“They showed that they believed in me and that they want me. That’s enough for me. I’m gonna try to work and play as hard as I can. I’m happy to win with OKC and we have a bright future. The team is working the right way, the system is perfect. There’s nothing that can go wrong.”

Some of his idols were the NBA legends but Pokusevski is trying to set himself apart and create his own unique style of basketball: “When I was young, I was looking at Koby Bryant and Magic Johnson but it’s not that I want to play like those guys. I want to have my own style, I don’t wanna copy anyone.”

Take a look at the full interview with Pokusevski who also talked about his early beginnings and his family’s basketball talent, his relationship with other European and NBA stars, the road from Serbia to Greece, and finally the US.