Kevin Durant explains why Luka Doncic is so tough to guard

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Antonis Stroggylakis

08/May/21 21:37

Kevin Durant knows a thing or two about being a great offensive player and he recognizes this “game” in Luka Doncic.

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Kevin Durant went into great detail to analyze Luka Doncic’s deceptive athleticism, how he tricks opponents think that he’s slow (when he really isn’t) and how he makes life extra painful for the player who is assigned to guard him.

Here’s what Durant said on the latest podcast episode of “The ETCs with Kevin Durant” :

“He plays at a nice pace that’s why I think he can make them shots that way. Like those crazy shots that he be making, the passes that he throws it feels like he is just walking on the track. You know how when rappers just like easily cruise on the track and it’s like damn this ni—r is just talking? That’s how Doncic is. Like he’s just smooth out there, he’s seeing everything before it even happens, he can dictate every pass that he wants. He got a nice pace.”

“He gets you up in the air because everybody is pressing him, he might get a foul on one play, boom now you loosened up, now he gets into the paint and pump fakes you, you jump, and he pump fakes you again because he moves so slow, one leg fade you know his pace is so incredible to me.”

“He’s deceptively quick too. He’ll get around you fast, slip around you fast for a layup and then slow down, that’s how he’ll get a lot of fouls too. Because he’ll act like he doesn’t have any athleticism. And he can get around you and he got a big body so he be trying to trick people into thinking he can’t get around you. And he slows down, you chase him down and he’ll slow down, and get a layup and one so you got to be on point with that dude.”