Jason Kidd: “Luka Doncic is young Picasso”

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Aris Barkas

27/Sep/21 22:02


Luka Doncic is an artist on the floor and his new coach wants him to paint together with his teammates

By Eurohoops team/ info@eurohoops.net

Jason Kidd, one of the top point guards in NBA history, doesn’t hide his admiration when he talked about his young star in Dallas, Luka Doncic. The new coach of the Mavericks called Doncic “a young Picasso” while speaking to local reporters.

However, Kidd added: “I don’t know if anybody ever told Picasso that he had to use all the paints, but I just want to remind him that he can rely on his teammates, that his teammates will be there to help him.”

The comments pleased the young star, who agreed with his coach. “There’s a lot of things that I need to improve on — on the court, off the court. This is one of them,” Doncic said. “Obviously, he’s right.”

Doncic averaged 35.7 points, 10.3 assists, and 7.9 rebounds in a seven-game loss to the Los Angeles Clippers in the first round of the NBA playoffs. Dallas hasn’t won a postseason series since Kidd, as a player, and the Mavericks won the franchise’s first championship a decade ago.

However, with Doncic putting up MVP-caliber numbers and taking the NBA by storm while being just 22 years old, the “Picasso” comparison is more than fitting.