Ricky Rubio: When my son starts school, the NBA won’t be worth it

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Ricky Rubio already has planned out when he will be moving on from the NBA and returning to Europe

By Eurohoops team/ info@eurohoops.net

Ricky Rubio was having one of the best seasons in his NBA career but an ACL injury stopped him in his tracks and sidelined him for the next year or so.

He faces the second serious injury of his career knowing that “every step is key”. In addition, he has shown a lot of strength and maturity in his words. “My regret lasted a day. I’ve been injured, what can you do? You have to put things in perspective. Let’s remember that we are suffering from a pandemic,” Rubio told La Vanguardia and also confirmed that he will not play in the upcoming EuroBasket.

“I can already say here that I will not participate in the European championship this summer. I will get involved in another way and I will come back in the future, yes.”

With the injury also come calculations of trade value and potential deals. Rubio admitted that those things used to be hard on him mentally but now he’s used to it. “It’s part of the business.”

“Back in the day, I took it worse. You feel bad because you like to give everything where you are and when you give so much and later you see, like in Phoenix or Minnesota, that they dispense you without even knowing it… I’ve gotten used to it – when February approaches, the rumors about Ricky Rubio trade start.”

He won’t have to deal with that stuff for much longer, however, as the Spaniard has also planned out with his family when to move on from the NBA. When his younger two-year-old son starts school, in four years approximately.

“When my son starts school, the NBA will not be worth it. I will have to go back. I don’t want to make him dizzy moving around when he’s six years old, at the age of starting to make friends. It was discussed with my wife and we have it very clear. There will come a time when basketball will not be the priority.”