Curry drains 16 three-pointers, LeBron closes All-Star with a game-winner

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Step Curry and LeBron James had historic displays in the 2022 NBA All-Star Game

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The 2022 NBA All-Star Game was held in Cleveland and two players, who were born just 40 miles south, in Akron, stole the night with amazing feats. Steph Curry barraged the rim with three-pointers while LeBron James secured the win with a turnaround game-winner from mid-range.

“It was kind of a perfect ending. Obviously, I got the MVP; I played well the whole night. He hit the game-winner. All the history of our series and the Akron ties, and all that kind of going into how the night went, so it was pretty — can’t really draw it up any other way,” Curry said.

The Golden State Warriors guard banked in astonishing 16 threes to set an all-time record for any NBA game and easily surpass the previous All-Star record of nine. He finished the game with 50 points.

Meanwhile, James, who spent 11 years playing for the Cavaliers, had 24 points and hit the final two points for the target score of 163. Team Durant was right on the trails with 160.

And he just couldn’t; have asked for a better moment.

“I couldn’t have dreamt it. I could not have dreamed of that moment any better than the actuality that just happened. For me to be back here, like I keep stating, 35 minutes [north] of where I grew up here in Akron, Ohio, to hit the game-winner in the All-Star Game where me and my guys back in the back, we used to watch the All-Star Game. I remember 25 years ago we were 12, 11, wishing that we had the opportunity or the means to come up to Cleveland and see some of the greatest basketball players of all time because they inspired us so much,” LeBron said.

“For me to be here today, for my best friends to be here, for my wife and my kids and my family, my mom. There are so many people that seen me grow from really a young toddler to who I am today. I couldn’t even — I couldn’t picture that moment any better.”

He also added eight assists and six rebounds. Giannis Antetokounmpo did a lot of work as well for Team LeBron with 30 points, 12 boards, six assists and a whole lot of defense, admitting he can’t not play competitively.

“I was just trying to win. I’m really competitive. Kind of the All-Star Games, they are not built for me. Obviously, I come out here and try to enjoy the game as much as possible, but I don’t know how not to go hard. I kind of feel terrible when I’m walking around because I always try to go full speed no matter what I do because that’s how — what type of player I am.” 

Two more Europeans were on LeBron’s team but both took a ‘night off’. Nikola Jokic put an all-around display with ten points, nine boards, eight assists while Luka Doncic had eight points and three assists.

For Team Durant, who didn’t have the captain available, Joel Embiid scored 36 points while adding ten boards and four assists. Devin Booker followed with 20 and LaMello Ball with 18. Trae Young had 13 points, ten assists.