Luka Doncic reaches 500 playoff points in 16 games, fewest since Michael Jordan

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Stefan Djordjevic

29/Apr/22 15:50

Luka Doncic has gotten out of the first round for the first time this year but he’s been outstanding throughout his whole NBA playoffs tenure so far, as much so as to chase the scoring achievements of Michael Jordan

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Luka Doncic led the Dallas Mavericks past the first round for the first time in his career and it was the team’s first time since 2011 when they won the NBA championship.

The view of the ever-watching public eye goes both ways in this case. Some criticize Doncic for taking ‘so long’ to get out of the first round while others focus on his individual success during those playoff games.

In fact, Doncic ranks quite high when it comes to playoff numbers in a few categories but the most impressive one might be that it took only 16 games for him to reach 500 points. That’s the fewest playoff games needed since Michael Jordan who needed only 14 contests to do so.

Doncic has been averaging 32.7 points so far in the playoffs while Jordan holds the first spot with 33.4. The third spot belongs to Allen Iverson with 29.7.

Also, while Luka is far from being considered a great three-point shooter, his percentages from deep have been quite high in the playoffs. He is averaging 38.7% so far and the only guys in front of him are the splash brothers Steph Curry and Kaly Thompson.

When it comes to assists, Doncic is eighth all-time with an average of 8.8, the same number as Steve Nash.