Grizzlies dominated Golden State in Game 5 with a 39-point win

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12/May/22 11:00

Memphis Grizzlies rallied and delivered a statement win against the Golden State Warriors to stay alive and decrease the deficit to 3-2

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No Ja Morant, down 3-1 in the series – no problem. The Memphis Grizzlies stepped up big-time and logged an impressive 134-95 win over the Golden State Warriors in Game 6.

Three Grizzlies players scored exactly 21 points each – Desmond Bane, Jaren Jackson, and Tyus Jones. Jones, who is replacing Morant in the lineup, also dished out nine assists while Jackson had eight rebounds.

On the opposing side, Klay Thompson scored 19 followed by Jonathan Kuminga with 17 and Steph Curry with 14 points.

“It was embarrassing. From the opening tip, they had great flow and they were more aggressive than us. … We all had the mindset that we were going to close it out tonight, but sometimes basketball [isn’t] an exact science and we played like a shell of ourselves,” Thompson said and it was not surprising that the whole Warriors squad felt the same way. Except for Draymond Green. To him, a loss is a loss and it doesn’t matter if it’s 55 or five points.

On the winning side, Bane thinks of this win and the series as a means for the Grizzlies to prove themselves.

“We feel like, we have not necessarily been doubted but we have exceeded expectations. Ever since I have been here, it almost seems like whenever somebody thinks we can’t do something, we end up doing it. I never want to put a limit on this team on what we can do. ‘Cause anything’s possible.”