Kevin Durant talks marijuana with David Letterman

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Stefan Djordjevic

17/May/22 12:25

Kevin Durant and David Letterman spoke openly about marijuana in a Netflix special interview

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Kevin Durant has been a public proponent of legalizing the consumption of marijuana and he joined David Letterman on Netflix to discuss the topic.

Throughout the interview, Durant explained his goal of de-stigmatizing the use of marijuana and especially changing the narrative around athletes and marijuana.

Although marijuana is legal in New York, New Jersey, and 16 other states across the US, NBA still considers it illegal but Adam Sliver suspended the marijuana testing during the bubble, as well as the random testing during the 2021-22 season.

Durant told Letterman he began smoking marijuana when he was 22 and he wasn’t hiding that he’s still a user at 33 years old. In fact, he said he was high during the interview itself.

“To me, it clears the distractions out of your brain a little bit. Settles you down. It’s like having a glass of wine,” Durant explained.

Durant’s full interview with Letterman will be available May 20 as part of the new season of My Guest Needs No Introduction, Letterman’s interview specials.