Giannis Antetokounmpo names Steph Curry as the best player in the world

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Aris Barkas

25/Sep/22 23:18

Giannis Antetokounmpo puts Steph Curry in front of every other player in the NBA for this season since he is the defending champion

By Eurohoops team/

With many media outlets, including ESPN, naming him the best player in the NBA, Giannis Antetokounmpo could have just sat back and enjoyed. However, this is not his mentality as it was evident on the Bucks‘ media day.

Asked about the matter, the Greek Freak didn’t hesitate to name Steph Curry the best player in the world right now and he explained why he believes that.

As he said: “Am I one of the best players in the world? Ι am mature enough to help my team win games? Yes. But am I the best in the world? No. I believe that the best player in the world is the last man standing. It’s the person that takes his team to the final and helps them win the game. Two years ago, when we did that, I was sleeping on my bed thinking that maybe I am the best player in the world, you know? But now, no. In my opinion, the winner is the best. I believe that the best player in the world is Steph Curry. Until the next player…”

Steph Curry returned the favor while speaking on the Warriors‘ media day: “I always say the same thing. When you’re facing the champions, that’s part of the nature of the league… I was thinking the same thing about him last year coming off their run, so I appreciate the compliment.”

And that makes Giannis more than hungry for this season. Per Antetokounmpo, things are the same for him as they were before his first championship and he explained how he felt before winning it all: “There’s something close to desperation but I haven’t lost it. I’m blessed to be in this spot and I’m not going to take it for granted. I want to win a championship. I kind of got jealous of seeing Golden State’s parade. You know that feeling. I try not to focus on the MVP award. I’ve won two and it’s given me a lot of joy but the joy of winning a championship for this city was 20 times more. So I just try to focus on that”.

Giannis also spoke about his Eurobasket experience and his commitment to the Greek national team, speaking about how he feels about the game in Europe: “It was a great experience representing my country, I had fun, and it was the first time I have seen people getting engaged. People had hope and that was the most amazing thing. The game in Europe is way harder than the game in the NBA. The talent in the NBA is obviously higher. I think over there it’s more intense. People pick you up full court, lanes close, and it’s a lot more physical. I don’t know if they’re more physical because you have less talent. For a kid like me who came from nothing, I think the NBA spoiled me a little bit. When you go overseas things are not the same… Things are easy here, it doesn’t take a toll on you. We’re beyond blessed.”