Juancho Hernangomez reveals the uncommon origin of Bo Cruz

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Giannis Askounis

27/Sep/22 10:45


Starring in a movie was not part of the plan for Juancho Hernangomez

By Johnny Askounis/ info@eurohoops.net

The casual approach of Juancho Hernangomez must have boosted the success of the American film Hustle released by Netflix in June.

Hernangomez, 26, went from starring in the movie and playing the fictional player from Spain, Bo Cruz, to winning the 2022 EuroBasket with Spain. He talked about recent ventures during the preseason Media Day of the Toronto Raptors.

“It has been a great summer. First, the movie. We were working for two years on that. It was a success. Then, playing for the national team and winning the European championship with my brother. Seeing my brother get the MVP of the tournament. It was an honor. I am so proud of how hard he worked for that and proud of how the team worked all summer,” he said.

Focusing on the movie, he went into detail on how he was convinced to consider the project. Far from the conventional path. Getting the role still dazzles Hernangomez.

“I never expected to be in a movie. I never dreamed of being an actor. The pandemic hits. I was at my brother’s place in Charlotte when he was still playing there,” he recalled, “We were so bored. Being at home, doing nothing.”

“I just did it because my sister wanted to to the videos, to do something as a family,” he described auditioning, “And they started liking it. I don’t know why. And I kept going through the casting process. I was interviewed by the director, the acting teacher, and then Adam [Sandler]. They saw something. They saw talent or whatever it might be. Two years after, we just did the movie.”

Hustle drew positive reviews from critics. But it came at a price of long hours for the Spanish NBA player. “We were shooting for two summers. Some days with 14 hours of shooting. But it was fun. I met a lot of great people,” he said, “It was a great experience that will last forever.”

Besides the movie and EuroBasket, he joined the team based in Toronto this summer. “Before signing here, I asked Marc Gasol, Sergio [Scariolo], [Jose] Calderon. Sergio was a big part of the process,” he explained noting the help of the former assistant and players of the Raptors.