José Calderón: “Ricky Rubio’s return is getting closer”

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Cesare Milanti

08/Dec/22 11:53

The former Spanish point guard, currently a special advisor for the Cavs, spoke about Ricky Rubio and more

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Interviewed by Mundo Deportivo, José Manuel Calderón, currently working with the Cleveland Cavaliers as a special advisor, spoke about Ricky Rubio and the differences between the NBA and the EuroLeague.

The legendary playmaker spoke on Ricky Rubio’s return. “Ricky is getting closer, hopefully, he’ll be back as soon as possible. There’s no exact date for his return, but in our case, we won’t speed anything up. But I see it well, the recovery has advanced without any setbacks we are in the times we thought we were going to be. He knows this team better than anyone and we want him to play as he knows, doing according to what the team needs, knowing what he can contribute not only as a player but also as a person”, he said.

The former Spanish player talked about Cleveland’s good shape. “We are happy that we have taken that step more in a moment of reconstruction. This summer we made a major move like the addition of Donovan Mitchell. We have beaten the Celtics twice and Milwaukee once and we are calm, watching how we evolve when we recover the injured players. See how far we can go and keep growing”, he added.

Finally, he commented on the perception the NBA has of the EuroLeague and the European basketball landscape. “We know what it means to play in the Euroleague, that it is not the same to score 15 points there as here, the differences are known, and the fact that you achieve an opportunity in the NBA depends on the role of each one, the physique, the rhythm… You have to play well there, if you succeed in the EuroLeague you know that you will have a chance in the NBA”, the Spanish veteran said.

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