Goran Dragic: “I’d like to see NBA and EuroLeague teams playing together”

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Cesare Milanti

12/Apr/23 13:02


The Slovenian point guard says Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, and Anadolu Efes can compete against NBA teams

by Eurohoops Team / info@eurohoops.net

Interviewed by Mundo Deportivo, the 36-year-old veteran point guard Goran Dragic talked about an interesting idea, putting NBA and EuroLeague teams together to go against in a potential tournament.

It should be noted that EuroLeague teams are not accustomed to playing at such a high tempo. Definitely, top teams like Barça, Real Madrid, Efes… They can compete with NBA teams, but I don’t know how many times they’ll do it, it’s hard to say. But I would like to watch such a tournament, it would be good for basketball. The NBA has a brutal schedule and I don’t know how they can do it. We went to play in Paris with Chicago and frankly, it was tough, he said.

Then, the former Miami Heat point guard, who joined the Milwaukee Bucks during the 2022-23 NBA Regular Season, spoke about Toronto’s crowd whistling at him. I don’t care. Everyone says they whistle at me when I pick up the ball. Well, is that all? I played in Belgrade before. It’s nothing, it’s perfectly normal for me… I don’t know why everyone is so curious about this”, he minimized.

He followed by saying he hasn’t decided yet if he will be at the 2023 World Cup with Slovenia and Luka Doncic. This is a different tournament because there are teams that you haven’t played before, such as the African and Asian teams. But then everything is always the same, there are the United States, Australia, and other Europeans… It’s a tough tournament, we’ll see. I don’t know if I’m going to the World Cup yet. We’ll see what happens over time”, Goran Dragic added.









Finally, he recalled the elimination at the 2022 EuroBasket against Poland. “We have to focus on every game. If you ask me what we need to improve, we should play the best basketball possible at the moment. We had a tough group in the last EuroBasket and we won almost every game. And then Poland eliminated us in a match we should have won on paper”, he stated.

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