Nikola Jokic follows Zeljko Obradovic, offers advice to legendary coach

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Giannis Askounis

18/Sep/23 11:09

An interesting story about Nikola Jokic and his approach to tactics and gameplans

By Johnny Askounis/

Nikola Jokic followed a coaching clinic of Zeljko Obradovic, as revealed by the legendary tactician.

“I was captivated by his interest,” admitted Obradovic during an interview with sports network Arena Sport, “We tumbled into each other last year as he was preparing with the national team and Partizan was also preparing for the new season. I asked him how he was doing and we briefly talked. He revealed that he watched my seminar in Opatija. It was a pleasant surprise.”

“This says a lot about Jokic,” added Obradovic, “He probably also follows seminars of other coaches, besides mine.”

Jokic, 28, is a mastermind of creativity on the court. However, the top-notch basketball IQ would be hampered by missing out on any progress in tactics and general approach to the game.

“He also followed Partizan in the training camp,” shared the head coach of Partizan Mozzart Bet, “He gave me advice. It was about one detail in our game. He thought we should have a different approach. I understood what he meant and immediately adjusted.”

“We should trust players”

The Denver Nuggets superstar switched directly from Mega Leks to the NBA in 2015. His experience at the senior level and interaction with a wider range of coaches was limited before being selected with the 41st overall pick of the draft. In a brief recap, he went on to become the leading player of the Nuggets, winning the 2023 championship and being named Finals MVP.

“We should trust players,” furthered Obradovic, “You can’t ignore Jokic. A player with an NBA ring, competing at the highest level in the world, we should listen to what he has to say.”

“However, I must stress that the coach ultimately decides. I don’t know how Jokic will react to this comment,” he wondered.

Besides counseling, another recent connection was talking with former Denver Nuggets teammate P.J. Dozier about moving to the team based in Belgrade. The 26-year-old swingman eventually signed a one-year contract to play under Obradovic.


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