Victor Wembanyama: Partying, alcohol, drugs. Why would I ever do that?

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Antonis Stroggylakis

19/Apr/24 00:09
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Wemby once again shows why has the perfect mindset that goes with his enormous talent

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San Antonio Spurs rookie star Victor Wembanyama explained how he doesn’t get distracted by what could turn his attention away from basketball.

“I just feel like I’m immune to the things [for which] people try to tell me ‘Oh pay attention to this’ or ‘Watch out’. All the bad things. Distractions like partying, alcohol, drugs, whatever,” Wemby said in an interview for The Ringer.

Like, why would I ever do that? I don’t have nothing to compensate for,” Wembanyama added. “Because I choose to face… all the things that we have inside of us.”

Wembanyama, the heavy favorite to win Rookie of the Year, finished his first NBA season with 21.4 points, 10.6 rebounds, 3.9 assists, 3.6 blocks and steals in 29.7 minutes over 71 games. The French big man led the Spurs in points, rebounds, blocks and steals.

Nothing though comes as a surprise. He’s been working hard for this after all.

“It’s impossible to be surprised by your own performance, good or bad,” Wembanyama said. “Because, ultimately, everything is a result of your own work and your mentality. I always want more, so I’m not surprised.”

From the first moment he entered the NBA world, Wembanyama got the chance to be mentored by one of the true all-time greats: Gregg Popovich.

“I mean, before meeting him, I would’ve thought he was more of an asshole,” Wembanyama said of five-time NBA champion Popovich with a laugh. “But he’s actually very fair.”