Obama honors the Warriors, mimics Curry (vid)

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Antonis Stroggylakis

05/Feb/16 13:26


A day after Stephen Curry dropped 51 points, he and the Warriors visited the White House

By Eurohoops team/ info@eurohoops.net

A day after Stephen Curry dropped 51 points on the Washington Wizards, he and the rest of the Golden State Warriors visited the White House to meet Barrack Obama for the annual ceremony between the NBA champions and the president.

Apart from Obama characterizing the Warriors as a “Great team, with a great organization and a great culture behind them”, what truly stole the show was the president’s impersonation of Curry’s… celebratory dance and his sound expression of his disappointment on the absence of… Riley Curry.

“Klay Thompson’s jump shooting is… a little prettier than Stephen Curry’s” said the U.S. president who, among other things, is a well known basketball enthusiast and has no problem using related terms when speaking about the sport “Curry was clowning against the Wizards“, he commented about Steph’s 11 shots from downtown.

“The Warriors game is beautiful to watch and so good, it’s sometimes is not fair”, was Obama’s outlook on the performance of the champs that has stunned the world.