Boris Diaw is ready to go to Mars!

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Antigoni Zachari

28/Oct/16 18:37

Boris Diaw chatted with GQ magazine and was asked about the things he would like to try and haven’t had the chance yet

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Boris Diaw chatted with GQ magazine and was asked about the things he would like to try and haven’t had the chance yet. Surprisingly, the French international’s aspirations include going to… Mars! He also compared Manu, Pop and Duncan to animals he’s had photographed in his safari mission.

In his 34 years, Diaw has achieved a lot of things, though he admits “There’s a few things I’d like to try. I love the underwater world. Last summer I went into a submarine and we went 300 meters deep. I also like the world out of this world. Space is a new hobby that I want to explore. I love watching documentaries on that.”

Diaw appears certain when he was asked about whether he could go and live on Mars: “For sure. I’m not kidding when I say it. I want to go to space. I would try to do it if it’s possible and I think it will be in my lifetime. Mars, I don’t know if that’s going to be possible. They’re probably going to send some professional astronauts there first. I heard it might be a one way mission.If they were looking for candidates, I would definitely apply for it.”

In a previous interview with L’Equipe a few years ago, Diaw was asked to compare his French NT teammates to animals you photographed in a safari and GQ had him repeat the process, this time for the Spurs.

“Manu [Ginobili] is a leopard. It’s agile, like the way he moves on the court. It’s a very smart animal that ambushes pretty, and is very low key.”

As for Popovich? “I got a picture that would look great for comparing Pop. You know the old monkey, the one that’s very smart, and is just sitting down. I got a picture of it that would be great for Pop.”

Finally, Tim Duncan: “Timmy would be the elephant. Not physically, but more the mindset. Everybody says the lion is the king of the jungle. But I remember watching an elephant walk by one time, and there was a lion there lying on the ground, and the elephant just kept walking and the lion got out of his way. That’s the respect the elephant gets. It’s just quiet, it’s never stressed out, it’s always chilling, because he knows how good he is.”