Griffin: ”We can’t really replace Milos and how he plays and passes”

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Evaggelos Papadimitriou

24/Oct/17 14:13

The LA Clippers lost Milos Teodosic on Saturday night to a left foot injury. The injury would leave the Clippers without the guard for an indefinite amount of time.

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Blake Griffin and Patrick Beverly talked about this loss in and pointed out the importance of the Serbian guard and his role within the team.

“I talked to him Saturday night and saw him yesterday,” said Griffin. “He’ll be alright, he was in good spirits yesterday”.

“At the very beginning of an injury, it always seems like you’re at the bottom of the hill looking up at everybody. A lot of the times, it can be somewhat of a blessing in disguise. It refocuses you, you can learn something about yourself, you learn a different way to train, to get your body back right or to take care of yourself better. As cliche as it sounds, you have to find something positive to take from that experience.”

“We’ll all have to share that load a little bit. You can’t really replace Milos or how he plays or how he passes, his vision. But we’ll find a way somehow.”

“Oh man… It’s tough,” added Beverley. “It forces everyone else to make that extra pass and make that extra play for your teammates. There’s no secret about it, he’s the best playmaker we have on the team. A pass first guy, I enjoy playing with him, so losing him is real tough. From a teammate standpoint of course, but just as a friend. I know how hard he works, how hard he wanted to compete and wanted to prove himself at this level. As a friend, you want to see him being successful”.

“At halftime after it happened, I was the first one back in the X ray room, making sure he’s okay. I’ve dealt with injuries before, and I understand in this league, it’s not easy. I just told him I’m here for him, I’ve been through injuries as well. After practice, I’m gonna go over to the crib with him and chill out. You need that support from your teammates. Losing him is really tough for us.”

Both Griffin and Beverley added that Teodosic was in good spirits following the loss, and they won’t have time to worry about the injury as they’ll have five games over the next nine days, including matchups against the Utah Jazz and Golden State Warriors.

“There’s nothing you can do about it. I always think about the player, wish he could play because he wants to play, but other than that, injuries are part of the game. You don’t want them, but you’re going to have them. And when you have them, you just have to keep going. This team is built for that. Of course, we’re going to miss wat Milos does, but we’ve got a lot of guys [who can make up for it].

“It’s indefinite, it’s one of those injuries that’s going to take some time. We just have to make sure we manage it right because that’s really important for us.”