Kokoskov: “US coaches are ahead of us because they are organized”

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Aris Barkas

08/Nov/17 18:34


Igor Kokoskov turned many heads during the last Eurobasket with the miracle win of Slovenia. Still, he remains more than realistic about the global situation in the game of basketball and the level of the spot in the US.

By Eurohoops team/ info@eurohoops.net

In a long interview at “Sportifico.com” which covers many different topics, Kokoskov – a long time assistant in the NBA – is more than honest when he is asked about the difference in the level of coaches between the US and Europe.

As he explains: “The American system is very big, it starts from high school, through college to the NBA. I won’t say that all the coaches are good, but the selection is such that there are many highly educated coaches with college degrees, who are eloquent and serious about their jobs. European coaches have a good feel of the game, they know how to play their cards, and they have always had a good idea of the craft, but the US is way ahead of us because of how studious and organized they are”.

And the reason behind that is obvious: “When there is so much money going around over the last several decades, that gives the ability to coaches to deal with their job more studiously. They are not smarter than us, but they have better conditions than we do in Europe.