Ntilikina:” I like watching CSKA because of Nando De Colo”

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Giorgos Efkarpides

11/Mar/18 10:38


Eurohoops caught up with Frank Nitlikina during his visit in LA and the Knicks guard spoke not only about himself and the NBA, but he proved to be a EuroLeague fan.

By George Efkarpides / info@eurohoops.net

The 19 years old French point-guard had some interesting things to say about the differences between the NBA and Europe and he also revealed that while he likes more Real Madrid and Barcelona, he follows CSKA Moscow because of Nando De Colo.

What are the biggest challenges in the NBA game compared to Europe?

 “The regular season, 82 games in one season, sometimes 4 games in a week so I would say the rhythm of this league”

 Growing up, was there a French or European player that you looked up to, studied or idolized?

I looked up to Tony Parker. The first French player to win a championship, finals MVP and be an All-Star.”

Do you watch the EuroLeague? What teams to do you like to watch and who do you think will make the Final Four?

Yes. Actually, I like Real Madrid, Barcelona too. I just love basketball. When it comes to Euroleague, I like watching CSKA also because of Nando de Colo playing there.”

 It’s been a weird season for the Knicks, especially after Kristaps Porzingis’ injury. What kind of challenges to do you face as far as staying focused on your personal goals along with the team goals.

 “It’s actually our job. The main thing in this league is to try to be consistent. Whatever the situation is, your job is to bring the same thing every night.”

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