Daniel Theis on injury: “At first I didn’t know how to react”

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Dionysis Aravantinos

22/Apr/18 16:53


Daniel Theis revealed how he reacted to his season-ending injury and the process of his surgery.

By Dionysis Aravantinos / info@eurohoops.net

Daniel Theis had been a critical role player for Brad Stevens’ Boston Celtics in just his first year in the NBA. The 26-year old was averaging 5.3 points, 4.3 rebounds, and 0.8 blocks prior to his season-ending injury.

In his ‘Sporting News’ blog, the German power forward wrote about his injury, the MRI he had to go through, the surgery and his family’s support. “At first, I didn’t know how to react at all. I still wasn’t sure what to say or do when I got to call my wife a little later to tell her the news. I couldn’t really grasp it. But surgery was unavoidable. I spoke to the team doctor, and we decided to do it as soon as possible. But on a day like that, everything just works against you — a blizzard occurred and we had to wait four more days to do the surgery.”

Theis, also talked about the patience that’s needed from him, revealing that he does not have any of it: “The most important thing during rehab is PATIENCE. Unfortunately, I don’t have any. The first two-to-three weeks I couldn’t do anything besides treatment by our physical trainer and some light exercise to maintain muscles.”

Finally, he also talked about his wife and how happy he was to have his family next to her: “My brother came to visit with his girlfriend, then my nieces came and afterwards, my stepmom. I was happy that there was always somebody to help out my wife a little bit because I could only lay in bed at first.”

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