No retirement decision by Ginobili and Wade

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Aris Barkas

25/Apr/18 11:23

Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade acknowledged that he has thought about retiring, however, he didn’t announce his decision. The same stands for Argentinian icon Manu Ginobili of the San Antonio Spurs.

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The season ended for Wade and Manu, still, the 40 years old Ginobili is not calling it a day yet.

“As I’ve done it the last two or three seasons, I’ll sit back, relax and, after two or three months, see if I feel retired or not,” Ginobili said according to ESPN. “I like to let it season a little bit, to see how I feel. Don’t expect news until July, probably. I just don’t know. I let a month, two months go by and see how I feel. I’m not the type of guy who makes decisions on the fly, and when you are upset, hurt or whatever.”

French star Tony Parker, meanwhile, has made his intentions clear, saying he’d like to play 20 NBA seasons. But in Year 17, Parker’s potential return for 2018-19 with the Spurs hasn’t been determined as he becomes a free agent on July 1, when his contract expires.


“We’ll see,” Parker said. “I said already I want to keep playing. I’m happy I don’t have those retirement parties. I want to keep playing, and we’ll see if it’s in San Antonio. Everybody knows I would love to stay here. But free agency is always crazy, so we’ll see.”

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