Luka Doncic on the Mavs: “We will need five years to be contenders”

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Aris Barkas

03/Aug/18 14:06

Luka Doncic talked about his future with the Mavericks and the long-term ambitions of winning a championship ring.

By Eurohoops team/

Luka Doncic talked to Spanish newspaper “Marca” about his future in the NBA. And as he admitted, the mentality that he should have with the Mavs is quite different from that of EuroLeague champs Real Madrid.

“The most difficult part will be to adapt. I am leaving a team that has won everything for another that has not. I will have to change the chip”, said the Slovenian wonderboy who still has high ambitions: “The championship ring is in my mind, but right now it’s impossible. We have to spend five years to become a contender”.

And a return to Europe is not out of the question, but not any time soon. “I would like to return to Madrid when I will be 38 or 39 years old and work with young players”, he admitted.

The 18 years old Luka Doncic, the 3rd pick of the 2018 NBA draft, is leaving Europe as the reigning EuroLeague and Liga Endesa MVP and also as a EuroLeague and Liga Endesa champion with Real Madrid, where he was developed as a player since he was 13 years old.