Myles Turner gives the finger to Philadelphia fans

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15/Dec/18 16:56

Myles Turner’s emotions got the best of him in Philadelphia.

By Eurohoops team/

The Philadelphia 76ers fans are known as some of the most passionate in the NBA and sometimes players have a hard time dealing with it. This time around, Indiana Pacers‘ Myles Turner gave in to the heat of the moment.

During the second quarter and a one-on-one low-post duel against Joel Embiid, Turner picked up his third foul and Embiid ended up with a ‘two plus one’. The crowd was ecstatic and it resulted in Turner showing them the middle finger while on his way to the bench.

Turner apologized later on to the Philadelphia crowd on his Twitter account for not keeping his emotions in check:

Despite the apology, Turner is expected to get fined, probably in the range of 15,000 – 25,000 dollars.

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