Marcin Gortat: “Luka Doncic’s got big balls”

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Giannis Askounis

07/Feb/19 12:55

He’s enjoying his Western Conference experience, but Marcin Gortat also discussed how Luka Doncic is changing the level of European players in the NBA.

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Eurohoops collaborator Mitja Viola had the chance to catch up with Marcin Gortat about the Los Angeles Clippers, Danilo Gallinari and Luka Doncic. Last summer, the 34-year-old center returned to the demanding Western Conference and said on the Clippers: “I’m in a much better organization. It’s much easier to play”.

He later mentioned he connected right away with Gallinari and that his teammate helped him adapt to Los Angeles. “He’s not only a great player on the court, he is also a tremendous friend off the court” he pointed out.

He also referred to Doncic’s experience on a Club and National Team level in Europe, to mention: “For a kid 19-year-old, he’s got big balls to go out there and ball like that”.

Asked on the next big European player to march into the NBA, Gortat finished his interview predicting: “My son. He’s not born yet”.

Gortat on Eurohoops TV: