Luka Doncic: It’s easier to score in the NBA than in Europe

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Antonis Stroggylakis

08/Feb/19 17:08

Well, so far Luka Doncic is definitely proving his point.

By Alex Madrid/

Dallas Mavericks point forward Luka Doncic talked about the differences between NBA and European basketball, his name being mentioned among “great players” by Lebron James, his disappointment with being snubbed from the All-Star Game, his new teammate Kristaps Porzingis and the dream of winning a ring.

Here’s what Doncic said in an interview with Spanish network Movistar+:

On NBA/Europe:

“Here [in the NBA] its easier to score compared to Europe, of course. In Europe, the court is smaller and here there is the three seconds rule. I think it’s easier to score here.”

Lebron mentioning him among player he’d like to play with:

“I remember that interview. It was special for me. First, playing against him was special. And, afterward, LeBron saying that… it has been even more special for me.”

All-Star snub:

“I wanted to go and I was very disappointed when they told me I wasn’t. What matters is the people who voted for me. I was impressed and that’s what matters most to me. Maybe next year I’ll be there.”

Playing with Kristaps Porzingis:

“It’s something special what we’re going to have here with Porzingis. He is a great player and we can do many good things. We already knew each other, we played many times against and now, finally, we play together. We can do great things.”


“My dream is to win a ring in the NBA, for sure.”

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