Luka Doncic to Donovan Mitchell on Zion Williamson’s injury: Go play in Europe

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Giannis Askounis

21/Feb/19 07:29

Luka Doncic suggested NCAA players should play in Europe.

By John Askounis/

Donovan Mitchell commented on Zion Williamson’s injury via Twitter, but Luka Doncic’s response overshadowed his view on the subject. Taking it from the top, Williamson, Duke’s freshman and hot favorite for top spot in the next NBA Draft, suffered a right knee injury on Wednesday. Following the game against rival North Carolina, Mike Krzyzewski mentioned he picked up a mild knee sprain.

A timetable for the 18-year-old American forward will be set shortly. However, Mitchell was among the NBA players that reacted: “Again let’s remember all that money that went into this game. Players got none of it. Now Zion gets hurt. Something has to change in the NCAA”. Doncic evocative response was: “Go play in Europe”.

The 19-year-old Slovenian has taken the NBA by storm during his rookie season. His European experience has certainly paved the way for his hot start. He was paid to play basketball in Europe. The same goes for Kyle Hines throughout his professional career. Maybe that’s why the CSKA Moscow player replied posting an emoji to look on Doncic’s response.