Ricky Rubio on free agency: I want to win a ring as a protagonist

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Antonis Stroggylakis

14/May/19 17:01


Ricky Rubio has second thoughts about re-signing with the Jazz.

By Eurohoops team/ info@eurohoops.net

Ricky Rubio is becoming a free agent this summer. At 28 years of age, the Spanish point guard admits that his next contract may be the most critical decision he will ever make as a player.

Here’s what Rubio said in an interview with Spanish outlet AS.

On his possibilities ahead of free agency:

There are a thousand possibilities, excluding the teams that have a starting point guard under contract who will remain there. Like Houston or Golden State. Then there’s Boston where you still don’t know if Kyrie Irving will be there. Or Charlotte with Kemba Walker. Things really don’t depend on you but on the other players.

For example, if Kyrie Irving went to Utah, this wouldn’t be a possibility for me anymore. In the end, they choose first.

On how important is his next contract:

If I sign for a team that doesn’t have really have aspiration or things won’t work, my NBA career will almost end because if I sign for three or four years, when I finish my contract I’ll be 32.

It’s one of the key moments of my career.

On his aspiration to win a ring:

I’d like to win the ring being the protagonist because a ring without playing wouldn’t feel like mine. I want to have a leading role and now it’s time to find a team where I can achieve that goal.

On the Jazz being reported as willing to trade him during the season:

If you analyze it as a business, which is what it is, I can understand it because in June I become a free agent and they had nothing in return.

Maybe they thought they had a “sticker” that expired in three months and they’d change it for another one that had three years of contract like Mike Conley. This makes you think. You don’t know if it’s because maybe you’re not playing well or if what they wanted was to make some change to improve. In the end, you can’t take it personally.

On if he wants to continue with the Jazz:

All that has affected me, without a doubt. If the question had been asked a year ago, I’d signed with them with my eyes closed. Now, from here to July, many things can happen.