Boban Marjanovic: “I should, almost 90 percent, stay in Philadelphia”

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05/Jun/19 21:11

Boban Marjanovic likes it very much in Philadelphia and would very much like to stay

By Stefan Djordjevic/

Boban Marjanovic moved from the LA Clippers to the Philadelphia 76ers during this season and the Serbian big man liked his new environment. The 30-year-old center believes he will almost certainly stay in Philly:

“The league is still played and according to NBA rules, nothing can be said before July 1. On July 1, the first on the line are the main player’s negotiations and then, from July 3, it’s time for the rest of us. I don’t know what will happen… I should, almost 90 percent, stay in Philadelphia but that’s not known yet, just speculation. It was nice for me there, so why not”, he said, per Zurnal.

Marjanovic thought liked his team and had high praise: “The team is great, the players are talented, prospective. I think we had a chance to be the team playing the Finals this year but we had that bad luck of conceding the last-second basket”, he noted before sharing a few words about the city itself.

“The city lives for basketball and sports in general. They have hockey, baseball, football, they follow everything, everything is organized until the very end and everybody knows who and what you are. Wherever you appear, everybody recognizes you because they follow all of it. A very nice experience.”, he noted.

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