Ricky Rubio on NBA free agency: It will be fun, there will be a domino effect

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Stefan Djordjevic

12/Jun/19 20:43


Ricky Rubio talked about the upcoming NBA free agency and his role in it

By Stefan Djordjevic/ info@eurohoops.net

Ricky Rubio showed up in Barcelona port today (12/6) for a ‘Parley of the Ocean’ event which addresses major threats towards our oceans. He also had time to talk with the Spanish media about basketball including his upcoming free agency:

“It will be very fun because I’m able to choose between many teams. But it depends on many factors because there will be many free players that will determine how the market will go. Any movement will affect the market and there will be a domino effect”, Rubio said, per Marca.

The 28-year-old added that it doesn’t mean he won’t have any choice in the matter: “It depends on some movements in the market but that doesn’t mean that I have to settle for what is left. There are options that will remain and I can choose”, he said before explaining his criteria for the decision.

“There are teams that have a starting point guard with a contract, which I can forget, but there are others who are looking for a point guard. The priorities are to go to a team that has importance and minutes, which is set for the playoffs. This already rules out some teams”, Rubio noted.

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