Stan Van Gundy: Boban is the most unstoppable offensive player in the NBA

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Stefan Djordjevic

30/Jun/19 22:34

Stan Van Gundy with high praise for his former player in Boban Marjanovic

By Stefan Djordjevic/

Stan Van Gundy has been in Belgrade, Serbia in order to attend the coaches clinic there. In his interview with Sportklub, Gundy shared some high praise for his former player Boban Marjanovic who played under him in Detroit (2016-18):

“Boban is the most unstoppable offensive player in the NBA right now. There’s nothing anybody can do against him. He’s either gonna get a good shot or you’re gonna foul him. That’s it. People get, I think, distracted almost by how big he is. And he is big but it causes them to overlook what a high skill level he has. He is a great, great passer. Boban can shoot 15 to 17 feet, he’s an outstanding free throw shooter”, he said.

Gundy could also see first-hand Marjanovic’s working habits and desire: “Beyond all of that, he is one of the hardest workers I’ve been around. There were days in Detroit when we had to tell him to go home. We would practice for two and a half hours, then he would lift weights and you’d look out there an hour later and he would still be in the gym. ‘Your body needs some rest, go home!’ It’s hard to get him out of the gym.”

Last but not least, the coach noted how good of a person the big man is: “He is a totally unselfish team player. If he’s not playing, even if he thinks he should be, he’s a hundred percent behind his teammates all the time. You can’t be around a better person. Watch him interact with everybody: his teammates, coaches, the training staff, people in the office, fans, little kids. Everyone loves Boban and Boban loves everyone.”

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