Lebron to Doncic: You are a bad motherf–ker

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Antonis Stroggylakis

02/Nov/19 12:02


That’s some compliment right there…

By Eurohoops team/ info@eurohoops.net

Luka Doncic registered his 10th triple-double in the NBA while setting a couple of league records in the process, against his idol: Lebron James.

James, who also had a record-setting triple-double performance in the Lakers’ win, spoke in high praise to Doncic after the match when he approached him and called him “a  bad motherf–ker.”

It goes without saying that Doncic greatly appreciated Lebron’s comments. “That was just some crazy stuff for me,” Doncic said per ESPN’s Tim MacMahon. I’ve been following him. He was my idol from the beginning. I can play against him and play a game like that, and the words that he said after the game were something that were very special for me.”

Well, it’s not every day that James is calling you “a bad motherf–ker”, is it?

While speaking to ESPN’s Doris Burke, James mentioned: “You never know who you can inspire, along your path. And you hope that you can inspire the next generation. And for me, by playing the game the right way, always getting my teammates involved and playing for the purity of the game, I was able to inspire a kid that wasn’t even in America. And that’s pretty special. And obviously, we’ve seen what he’s been capable of doing. His ability to make plays not only for himself but for his teammates. The rebounding. Just playing for the pure love of the game. It’s a beautiful thing to watch.”

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