“Bayern’s goal is the Euroleague Final Four”

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Lefteris Moutis

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Dusko Savanovic is one of the few players who played in the four best leagues in Europe (ACB, TBL, VTB, BBL) having an important role to his teams and fighting for titles. Accordingly, he is one of the most appropriate persons to talk οn Eurohoops for them and his goals with Bayern Munich

By Stathis Trapezanlidis/ info@eurohoops.net

Dusko Savanovic is one of the few players who played in the four best leagues in Europe (ACB, TBL, VTB, BBL) having an important role to his teams and fighting for titles. Accordingly, he is one of the most appropriate persons to talk to Eurohoops for those leagues and his goals with Bayern Munich.

The Serbian forward compares also two great coaches with whom he has cooperated, Dusan Ivkovic and Svetislav Pesic, while he hopes to be part of the Serbian National Team in the Eurobasket this summer.

– Why did you choose Bayern? What was attractive for you in their project?

“Being in the Final Four is one of the biggest projects for a club. Bayern have big expectations in the future; they want to be one of the best teams in the Euroleague playing in Final Four, perhaps in four or five years. It’s a very big organization. The people in Munich are very ambitious and it is a big honor for me to be part of their team and their growing project”.

– Bayern missed the chance to qualify in the quarterfinals of Eurocup against Valencia. Was it harder for you because you played there three years ago?

“It was nice that I met some people I knew there. I had nice moments in Valencia but you know it was a hard game for us because we lost 20 points and it wasn’t so easy for me to think things like this”.

savanovic 2

Savanovic for the best leagues in Europe (ACB, TBL, VTB, BBL)

– What does BEKO BBL need in order to achieve its goal and being the best European league until 2020?

“The Germans are very ambitious, they work hard on it and for me is a big pleasure to be here. The organization is good and when a system works perfectly then makes your job easier. The marketing is good, we will see how is gonna be next years”.

– You played in Russia, Spain and Turkey, the best leagues in Europe right now. I would like a comment for each one.

“VTB is a hard league, you have long and difficult flights. The league is very competitive, there are a lot of good teams and year by year it’s even more competitive. ACB is one of the best leagues in Europe. It is really comfortable to be there and play in this league. They love basketball, I had some nice years there and I enjoyed it a lot. TBL is also a nice league for someone to play. They are like the German league: in progress to development, they want to grow up. They spent a lot of money, they invest to basketball because they like this game and their teams want to be in the highest level in the Euroleague. Every year they try to sign better players and have better teams”.

– You lived and played in Turkey during the last seasons. Which are the reasons that the Turkish teams haven’t qualify to the Final Four all these years though they spend a lot of money?

“That’s true. They invest a lot of money. The reason could be a lot of things. It is not only one that we could say. Maybe the management or the way they build the teams. I don’t know. It is not an easy question. Every year they try to be better and sign better players and I think that this season Fenerbahce and Efes are really good and I hope to see one of them in the Euroleague Final Four”.

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Serbian National Team

– Do you want to play for National Team this summer?

“Yes of course. Being a member of the National Team is a big honor for everyone. The last time I played for was some years ago. I would really like to be part of this team”.

– Have you talked with Sasha Djordjevic?

“Ι have talked with him. Last summer I was not in his plans, we will see what is going to happen this summer”.

– Is the gold medal the main goal of the team?

“You need to have a goal. Everyone plays for it and works hard to achieve this goal. Everyone wants to win this tournament. Our national team is very good, there are a lot of skillful players and it is still a very young team so even if they don’t manage to win it this summer, they will have more chances in the next years. The coach also is going to be here the upcoming years. So I believe that if it is not now, there will be chances in next tournaments”.

Dusan Ivkovic vs Svetislav Pesic

– You cooperated with two of the best coaches in Europe, Dusan Ivkovic and Svetislav Pesic, both Serbians. Do they have the same philosophy or are they completely different?

“No! They are both coaches with high reputation! Their philosophy is about the same! It’s like the one you have at school! They both work at the same item! But each one of them has his own way and style of working and that’s the only difference!”

– Which was your best moment as a professional player?

“It is a difficult question. There are many. I have played a lot of important games with clubs and the national team. It’s really important being a professional player! Give me more time to choose because I don’t have a long career (laughs). It’s a tricky question and I can’t answer it now but I think the most important game I’ve played is with the national team”.

Dusko Savanovic on Eurohoops’ Debate

– We published on Eurohoops some days ago a debate on creating a Euroleague All-Star Game. Would you like it?

“Yes, of course. It depends of course on the schedule, the organization etc. I think that all the European fans would like to watch all the All-stars together on the court. It would be nice for the fans and for the players too. It would be a good show”.