Maccabi Tel Aviv player: The protocols that the Israeli League requires are ridiculous

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Stefan Djordjevic

17/May/20 14:35

An American player, reportedly from Maccabi Tel Aviv, expressed his concerns about continuing the Israeli League in the way it’s currently planned

By Eurohoops team/

An anonymous American player wrote a letter to his team, stating his concerns and dissatisfaction with the protocols that the players are asked to oblige by in order to resume the Israeli League season.

The letter has been forwarded to Sportando and among other things, includes the following: “The protocols that the Document require are ridiculous, in my opinion. From June 1st to July 31st, players are required to go only to work. Players cannot go to the store to buy groceries. Players cannot have a single physical interaction outside of the workplace. What sort of life is that? If it is truly that dangerous for the players or the community to go shopping for groceries, why are we playing basketball? I have serious concerns about the mental health for us if we are required to work for two months straight without being able to leave our apartments, and I think the Winner League requiring its players to do so is irresponsible.”

It also mentioned the absurdity of not allowing handshakes but allowing full-contact basketball: “The Document does say that handshakes will be canceled. I can defend an opposing player, post up on a defender, set screens and rebound, but the handshake is prohibited. If there is even a .1% chance that the handshake is dangerous, wouldn’t it be ridiculous to consider playing basketball?”

The Israeli League answered to the player via Sport5’s Roi Cohen, according to whom, the player in question is a part of Maccabi Tel Aviv: “The league is operating under the MOH (Ministry of Health) instructions… We respect any player who is concerned and doesn’t want to play. The teams will make sure that all of the health protocols are kept.”

Photo Credit: Winner League