AS Monaco players (and more) react to the salary cap introduction in France

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Cesare Milanti

13/Apr/23 14:00

The introduction of the salary cap in the LNB for the next three seasons left a lot of players annoyed

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Things are about to change in the LNB, where for the next three seasons, as reported by BeBasket, a salary cap will be introduced. The news was welcomed with disappointing feelings among the players, especially the ones currently playing in the French League.

AS Monaco players, who are the ones getting higher salaries among French teams, mainly disapproved of the introduction of the salary cap. Mike James, who is getting more money than the salary of 13 teams in the LNB, said that “that feels a little personal”, responding to his teammate Matthew Strazel retweeting the news with annoyed emojis.

They weren’t the only ones reacting badly to the news, as Jordan Loyd seemed also bothered. “People clearly don’t get it lol but I think this hurts the progression of the league as a whole, not me and my teammates specifically. Why try and stop the progress of the league?”, he said. I am so confused right now. Isn’t that like negating everything?, Le Mans’ Matt Morgan replied. Kyle Allman, who is a rookie in Europe with Paris Basketball, said that “This is so ridiculous”.

Finally, Real Madrid‘s Vincent Poirier, who started his career in France with Paris-Levallois, also commented on the introduction of the salary cap in the LNB. “Limit the development of basketball: great idea!”, he said while clearly annoyed.

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