SKWEEK released a statement after Roanne-Monaco’s lacked transmission

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Cesare Milanti

18/Apr/24 12:52

Fedcom Media publicly criticized L’Équipe after Roanne-Monaco not being transmitted

By Eurohoops team /

Yesterday, AS Monaco won on the road in Roanne in the LNB, but SKWEEK’s subscribers couldn’t watch the game. Fedcom Media has now released an official statement about the matter for “all the fans and companies of French basketball.

“Fedcom Media has signed a sub-license agreement with L’Équipe 24/24 that grants it the broadcasting rights of the Betclic Elite championship games for its streaming platform SKWEEK for this season and also for the next six seasons. At the request of L’Équipe 24/24, Fedcom Media also signed an agreement with the company 21 Production, a subsidiary of L’Équipe Group, for the executive production of all the matches of the season”, the statement opened.

Later on, Fedcom Media called out L’Équipe. “We were surprised to learn yesterday that L’Équipe 24/24 intends to prematurely terminate the sub-license agreement of the broadcast rights, whereas Fedcom Media has paid in full all the sum due under this sub-license agreement. The termination of this sub-license agreement is mistakenly based on the existence of a dispute between Fedcom Media and 21 Production”, the official press release continued.

“The difficulties encountered by Fedcom Media and one of its service providers should not in any way impact the proper execution of the sub-licensing agreement. The Amaury group cannot hold French basketball fans hostage by putting such pressure on Fedcom Media. SKWEEK has repeatedly tried to discuss production issues with 21 Production and has even proposed constructive mediation, but unfortunately, its requests have fallen on deaf ears”, Fedcom Media’s statement added.

“Therefore, Fedcom Media intends to enforce all its rights under the sub-license agreement and reiterates its willingness to broadcast all the matches of the French basketball championship on SKWEEK, from this weekend until the end of the season. We remain hopeful for a positive resolution of this situation and are ready to take appropriate measures to reassure all our partners and guarantee the best quality broadcast of the matches to the entire French basketball community”, it ended.


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