ASVEL’s Alpha Kaba reportedly among players placing illegal bets

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11/Jun/19 19:12

At least three players, including ASVEL’s Alpha Kaba, will reportedly have to face the French League disciplinary committee for allegedly placing illegal bets

By Stefan Djordjevic/

ASVEL’s Alpha Kaba, Fos-sur-Mer’s Xavier Galliou and Mamadou Dia are among the players who will have to appear in front of the French League’s disciplinary committee for allegedly placing illegal bets, according to L’Equipe.

The case concerns six players in total while three of them are professionals. All of them would have made bets on their teams and one of them would have bet on his team’s defeat in an important game.

The rules state that as long one holds an FFBB license (doesn’t have to be a professional), it is forbidden to place any bets on a basketball competition, whichever it may be.

The potential penalties vary from simple blame to several months of suspension and a fine. Clubs are also allowed to fire the players for misconduct.