Zach Auguste: No precautions taken for our safety

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Giannis Askounis

13/Mar/20 14:30

Turkey’s Super Ligi remains the only major European league with scheduled games and Zach Auguste reacts.

By John Askounis/

Major and minor leagues all around Europe have either postponed or canceled upcoming scheduled matches, in response to the coronavirus pandemic, read recent updates HERE. However, the Turkish league remains among the very few exceptions. Galatasaray Doga Sigorta’s Zach Auguste raised some questions on Super Ligi Regular Season Round 23 that is set to take place on Saturday and Sunday.

“How is it that every other country and league has taken the necessary safety and health precautions by temporarily or indefinitely suspending play except Turkey?” the 26-year-old center initially posted on Twitter.

His team riding a four-game winning streak in BSL is set to host Pinar Karsiyaka on Saturday.

“There have been no precautions taken prior to this for our safety,” he added, “Expecting us to participate in a game tomorrow during this pandemic is asking us to willingly risk not just our own health and safety but our families who live with us as well.”