The book of Ataman, the smashed board of Itoudis and the ungrateful job of coaches

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Aris Barkas

05/Jun/23 22:34

After an epic ending in the Game 2 between Fenerbahce and Anadolu Efes in the Turkish BSL semifinals, Ergin Ataman spoke about his current situation with Efes

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With Will Clyburn deciding Game 2 in an epic fashion, Anadolu Efes got a big win in the Turkish BSL semifinals and the contract between the teams was evident.

And even more evident between the two coaches.

Fenerbahce coach Dimitris Itoudis smashed his board at the buzzer after Clyburn’s three that decided the outcome and Ergin Ataman talked about his peculiar situation with Anadolu Efes.

It’s already known that Ergin Ataman will be the coach of Panathinaikos next season, with him confirming the deal and speaking after the game, which his team won after losing in Game 1 with a record-breaking 42-point difference, Ataman stated: “I congratulate my players. After a very heavy loss, they showed their character after falling back 13 points at the beginning of the match but they did not take a step back. At first, of course, Clyburn and Larkin dragged the team, as did Elijah Bryant. Besides them, our local player Furkan Haltalı did a great job. We brought the series to 1-1. That’s all I have to say about the match”.

However, he had more things to say: “Actually, I have a lot of things to talk about apart from that, but let me tell you, we are doing a profession in which a single shot dictates everything. We are doing the most ungrateful job in the world. I am very sad these days. I have to say it, but I cannot speak, I will not speak, but one day when I write a book, I will clearly explain everything what has happened to me in the last days.”